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Xero Updates Explained - January 2014

Eye on Books explains the January 2014 updates to Xero cloud accounting software.

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This was originally posted on 28th of January but for some reason the post has disappeared from our website.  So this is our repost!

Xero has released a major update today that has changed the way users navigate between organisations.  This can be a little bewildering and so our video below explains these updates for our clients.

The main changes in todays update are:

  • Last 5 accessed organization access moved from right hand side to the top left

  • Quick Org search function also located in the top left

  • Files area has it's own area now with a "file" icon located in the top right corner

  • Help section has also moved to this top right area

  • Ability to upload files to purchase orders

  • Logout function has moved to a drop down from your profile - VERY IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS LOG OUT PROPERLY FROM XERO

If you have any further queries about this round of updates, please contact us, we're here to help!

Xero Updates Explained - January 2014 from Eye on Books on Vimeo.

Eye on Books explains the new Xero updates released January 2014.

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